Ca 21%

S 17%

Ca 18%

S 16%

B 0.5%

Zn 1.5%

Ca 18%

S 15%

B 1.0% – 1.5%

Ca 18%

S 16%

Zn 3%


As a granular calcium sulfate, SUL4R-PLUS fertilizer is unlike any other sulfur-fertilizer product on the market. It puts growers in control of the application process, and makes their job easier and faster in virtually any farming environment while improving soil health and crop nutrition. Try SUL4R-PLUS calcium sulfate now, and see the difference. SUL4R-PLUS® BORON fertilizer, SUL4R-PLUS® ZINC fertilizer and SUL4R-PLUS® B+Z options also are available! It’s all about the PLUS.


Dust-Free SUL4R-PLUS Products Handle Like a Dream – a Tremendous Operational Advantage for Our Customers!


Corns, Grains, Alfalfa, Pasture Grasses, Fruits, Vegetables and More.



“I applied 200 lbs/acre and realized a 9% increase in volume. I spent $21/acre which returned $28.80/acre. The feed quality of the alfalfa was also noticeably better. I am putting SUL4R-PLUS fertilizer on all my alfalfa crop this year.”

Dave Vannice, Agronomist and Farmer, SCR Farms, Clinton, IL

The most versatile and easy-to-use form of calcium and sulfur in the sulfate form, SUL4R-PLUS fertilizer is a proven producer.

SUL4R-PLUS granular calcium sulfate is engineered to perform. Proven to enhance yield on an extensive variety of crops, it also improves all soil types and is effective across a wide range of weather and humidity conditions.

SUL4R-PLUS fertilizer:

  • Is an innovative granular Calcium Sulfate proven to enhance soil quality and increase crop yields.
  • Delivers 21% Calcium and 17% Sulfur and doubles as a soil amendment.
  • High solubility for immediate impact.
  • Maximizes nutrient uptake for stronger crops.
  • Spreads evenly in one pass, saving time and money.
  • Leads the market in quality and consistency.

Why choose SUL4R-PLUS calcium sulfate over others?

Compare SUL4R-PLUS Calcium Sulfate to Ammonium Sulfate applications and Elemental Sulfur, and you’ll see many substantial advantages.

SUL4R-PLUS fertilizer:

  • Retains hardness and shape in heat and humidity.
  • Spreads uniformly without gaps.
  • Works with other inputs for easy blending and applications.
  • Starts working immediately on contact with soil.
  • Nutrient releasing characteristics best mimic the nutrient uptake curves of most crops during the growing season and indicate it is a superior source of Sulfate-Sulfur for fall application.

SUL4R-PLUS granules offer faster availability.

SUL4R-PLUS granules dissolve on contact with water in soil solution, and are immediately available to the plant, unlike elemental sulfur, which can take up to a year for microbes to convert it into a plant-usable form. With a calcium content of 21 percent, SUL4R-PLUS calcium sulfate also doubles as a soil amendment.

“97% of our soil samples (were) coming back as low to deficient in sulfur….Since using SUL4R-PLUS fertilizer, our trials have shown a better stand and healthier soybean plant early on. In three of three comparisons, it has translated to an average of 4.25 bushels/acre yield advantage where we applied SUL4R-PLUS calcium sulfate.”

Ralph E. Hart, Crop Production Services

SUL4R-PLUS fertilizer is easy to apply.

Because the granules are uniform in size, don’t absorb moisture from the air and are not dusty, SUL4R-PLUS granular calcium sulfate spreads evenly and completely. In fact, our revolutionary granules are endorsed by New Leader®.

Sulfur is a necessary nutrient.

Today’s soils are low in sulfur, which makes crops weaker and later to mature. Crops need this essential element to reach their full yield potential.