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sulfrtableSUL4R-PLUS® product is the most versatile form of sulfur in the sulfate form. It puts you in control of the application process, making application easier while enhancing soil quality and improving production of all crops.

SUL4R-PLUS product:
■ Is a premium sulfate product that is manufactured to the highest degree of quality to ensure a uniform pellet size and density that mixes better with inputs and provides superior coverage.

■ Blends better with NPK products than do ammonium sulfates, as ammonium sulfates are smaller and spread with less uniformity.

■ Is easy to handle, and our premium-quality product has negligible dust. SUL4R‑PLUS product dissolves only where you want it to – in the soil. It starts working almost immediately.

■ Is a great carrier for micronutrients, according to third-party testing, and provides even and complete coverage.

Faster Availability.

SUL4R-PLUS product dissolves on contact with water in soil solution, and is immediately available to the plant, delivering 17 percent sulfur and 21 percent calcium vs. elemental sulfur, which requires significant time for microbes to convert it into a plant-usable form. SUL4R-PLUS product also works across a broader range of weather and humidity conditions.

With a calcium content of 21 percent, SUL4R-PLUS product also doubles as a soil amendment.


sulfrhandsSUL4R-PLUS product is pH-neutral, so it doesn’t require limestone to correct soil acidity after an application. That means that the application process is easier, faster and less expensive.

Ask For SUL4R-PLUS Product.

As a pelletized sulfate, SUL4R-PLUS product is unlike any other sulfur-fertilizer product on the market. It puts growers in control of the application process, and makes their job easier and faster in virtually any farming environment. Try SUL4R-PLUS product now, and see the difference.

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