• Every granule contains Zinc, Calcium and Sulfur, so every plant gets fed with efficient nutrition
• Product solubility provides immediate nutrition to all crops
• All nutrients are in plant-available form (no waiting), for Right Product, Right Place, Right Rate, Right Time (4Rs)
• 20-30 granules per square foot (based on 100 lbs/acre application rate) – resulting in uniform feeding
• Phosphorus-free, for P-sensitive and P-restricted zones
• Provides formulation flexibility, allowing you to provide the correct nutrition for crops without overapplying Potassium or Phosphorus
• Nutrient releasing characteristics best mimic the nutrient uptake curves of most crops during the growing season and indicate it is a superior source of Sulfate-Sulfur for fall application
• Flexibility to spread 90-120 feet
• Dust-free handling
• Sulfur enhances microbial activity that degrades organic residue in the field
• Low salt index less than 8

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