SUL4R-PLUS® fertilizer is engineered to perform. Proven to enhance yield on an extensive variety of crops, it also improves all soil types and is effective across a wide range of weather and humidity conditions.

SUL4R-PLUS granular calcium sulfate is suitable for all crops that require a highly available source of sulfur and calcium including corn, soybeans, winter and spring wheat, alfalfa, cotton, rice, peanuts and other fruit and vegetable crops like potatoes, tomatoes, sugarcane, canola, edible beans, bell peppers, onions and many more.

Key Nutrient Benefits:

  • Improves macro and micro nutrient efficiency
  • Increases protein levels
  • Excellent source of plant available calcium and sulfur
  • Plant available sulfur provides maximum nitrogen efficiency

Key Soil Benefits:

  • Improves soil infiltration
  • Offsets ill effects of irrigation with poor quality water
  • Helps curb phosphorus runoff from soils
  • Gives plants a good base of calcium and sulfur in the subsoil
  • Offsets effects of aluminum toxicity in low pH soils
  • Amends sodium affected soils

Key Crop Benefits:

  • Source of calcium and sulfur for plant nutrition
  • Improves quality of plant health and vigor at all growth stages
  • Improves nutrient/feed value
  • Spreads in one pass, blends easily with dry fertilizers


Sulfur in corn is essential to ensure efficient nitrogen utilization to make grain.


Calcium helps protect plants against disease and builds stronger cell walls to inhibit the invasion of fungi and bacteria, including vomitoxin in wheat.


Sulfur promotes nodule formation and nitrogen utilization in legumes.


SUL4R-PLUS fertilizer enhances protein and feed value in alfalfa.


Calcium helps prevent blossom-end rot (BER), certain types of rot and other diseases in vegetables.


Calcium is important in the translocation of carbohydrates which are the energy supply for plant cells.


Adequate Sulfur improves chlorophyll production, protein synthesis, and plant function and structure.


Adequate calcium promotes pod and seed development and decreases pod rot, black heart and pops.


Calcium reduces storage rot and incidences of internal defects, including hollow heart, brown spots and black spot bruise.

Spend your money by balancing your nutrient program by incorporating SUL4R-PLUS® fertilizer which contains plant available Calcium and Sulfate, providing 21% Calcium and 17% Sulfate, and is proven to help you get the most from your crops.

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