September 5, 2018 – Taurus is pleased to announce the signing of a long-term distribution agreement with SUL4R-PLUS®, LLC, a provider of innovative fertilizer products for the agricultural market. Together through this exclusive distribution agreement, Taurus and SUL4R-PLUS will develop, market and distribute the SUL4R-PLUS® family of fertility products including SUL4R-PLUS® fertilizer and SUL4R-PLUS® BORON fertilizer, and will have the capability to jointly develop custom solutions to better serve our growers needs.

SUL4R-PLUS fertilizer is an innovative granular calcium sulfate fertilizer proven to enhance soil health and improve crop nutrition.  The seed safe features of SUL4R-PLUS make it a great partner to help growers reduce salt index and boost soil health. By not absorbing moisture from the air, and only dissolving on contact with water in soil solution, it offers immediate availability to the plant. 

“We have taken it upon ourselves to continue to search out and identify technologies that have a fit agronomically and economically for our advanced growers,” states Craig Davidson, founding partner and President of Taurus. “When we can do that, and it involves a sustainability story as well, it empowers growers to have a positive connection with consumers into the future. Couple that with an increased requirement in our marketplace for seed safety, season long feeding of plants and supporting the biology of the soil for enhanced soil health, SUL4R-PLUS has checked off all these boxes in our due diligence process. Our partnership with SUL4R-PLUS allows Taurus the opportunity to work with most all nutrients required to grow a healthy crop delivered in a seed safe, season long feeding approach. Healthy soils, healthy plants, healthy economics! We can’t wait to get more growers involved.”     

Peter DeQuattro, Executive Vice President of SUL4R-PLUS, LLC, adds, “We are delighted to partner with such an experienced and innovative team as Taurus as we expand our North American footprint rapidly into Canada. SUL4R-PLUS fertilizers use exclusive patented technology and proven chemistry to engineer products that increase yield and crop quality. All nutrients are in plant-available form which means no waiting as we follow the 4Rs of crop nutrition – right product, right place, right rate and right time. And because of the high-quality dust free design of the SUL4R-PLUS products, the nutrients can be evenly delivered on every square foot of every acre with today’s modern, high intensity, application machinery – resulting in uniform feeding, efficient application, higher yields and better crop quality.”

To learn more about SUL4R-PLUS, please visit www.SUL4R-PLUS.com.


Based in Louisville, KY, SUL4R-PLUS®, LLC develops innovative products for the agricultural market including SUL4R-PLUS® fertilizer, an in-demand granular calcium sulfate that is engineered to provide improved crop yield for growers. While synthetic gypsum has been used in agriculture applications in the past, SUL4R-PLUS®, LLC has a patented process to create dust free, uniformly sized granules, making calcium and sulfur application easier for the farmer and meeting the increasing demand for higher yields by the regional farming industry. SUL4R-PLUS® BORON fertilizer, SUL4R-PLUS® ZINC fertilizer and SUL4R-PLUS® B+Z fertilizer also now are available. For more information, visit www.SUL4R-PLUS.com or call 844-822-8385.

About Taurus Agricultural Marketing

Taurus, a sales, marketing and agronomic support company, focuses on supporting agricultural retailers, agronomy experts and advanced growers by working with manufacturers to strategically develop and market innovative products for use in the Western Canadian Agricultural Industry and abroad. Taurus has offices in Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba, and focuses on four key pillars of agricultural business: Agronomy & Soil Health; Fertility; Biological Inoculants; Plant Enhancement Technologies. For more information about Taurus Agricultural Marketing, please contact one of our representatives, visit us on the web www.taurus.ag or follow us on Twitter @TaurusAgTeam.


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Taurus Agricultural Marketing
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Peter DeQuattro
Executive Vice President
(844) 822-8385

Initial SUL4R-PLUS® B+Z Fertilizer Trial Results for Corn Show Even Feeding and No Deficiencies

Take a look at the below pictures from a corn trial underway in Pembroke, KY where 100 lbs/acre of SUL4R-PLUS® B+Z fertilizer was post applied alone after planting. Note SUL4R-PLUS® B+Z fertilizer was applied in alternating 80’ swaths across the planted rows of corn. Farmer standard Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium were applied pre-plant on every acre.

Notice the visual difference in terms the overall health of the plant – color, height, maturity stage and canopy all look stronger, greener, healthier as a result of the even feeding of SUL4R-PLUS B+Z fertilizer.

Recent tissue samples from this trial indicate enhanced uptake of Calcium, Sulfur, Zinc, and Boron, with multiple studies and trials indicating that the nutrients will remain available throughout the crop growing season delivering yield increases and no deficiencies.

We know what you will ask: “What will the yield difference look like?” Our experience over multiple, replicated trials on corn is that the application of 50 to 100 lbs of SUL4R-PLUS® B+Z fertilizer to typical grower blends has delivered increased yields of 11-30 bu/acre in differing soil conditions, resulting in grower ROI’s of 150%-698% and no deficiencies.

With ears that look to average 9”- 10” in length and are almost completely filled in the sections treated with SUL4R-PLUS® B+Z versus the ears in the areas of the “Check” fertility appear to be averaging 6”-7” with 2”-3” of the ears unfilled, we believe this trial will fall right in line with our past experiences.

SUL4R-PLUS® B+Z fertilizer micronutrient package delivers a potent quartet of nutrients – Boron, Zinc, Calcium and Sulfur – formulated to make nutrition immediately available to hungry crops whether applied in the spring or in the fall.


  • Every granule contains Boron, Zinc, Calcium and Sulfur, and spread patterns result in 22-30 granules per square foot across the acre (based on 100 lbs/acre application rate) so every plant gets fed with efficient nutrition – “Even Feeding”
  • Product solubility provides immediate nutrition to all crops and nutrient release rates that mimic the uptake of most crops to provide “3 meals per day to the crop” whether applied in the spring or the fall
  • All nutrients are in plant-available form (no waiting), for Right Product, Right Place, Right Rate, Right Time (4Rs)
  • Phosphorus-free, for P-sensitive and P-restricted zones
  • Provides formulation flexibility, allowing you to provide the correct nutrition or variable rate feeding for crops without overapplying Potassium, Phosphorus, or Nitrogen
  • Flexibility to spread 90-120 feet and endorsed by New Leader
  • Highest quality granules that blend well with other dry fertilizers and result in dust-free handling
  • Salt index less than 8

Get the secondary and micronutrient fertilizer solution for Macro yields. For more information regarding SUL4R-PLUS® B+Z fertilizer, call 844-822-8385 or e-mail INFO@SUL4R-PLUS.COM. And follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter.