Coal’s affect on SUL4R-PLUS™ fertilizer

Historically, coal has been used for 30-45% of the U.S. Electrical Generation portfolio. Most coal seams contain contaminants, including one common contaminant that includes Sulfur compounds that exist as inorganic, organic and inorganic Sulfur. Minerals like pyrite, chemically named Iron Sulfide or “Fool’s Gold”, can be mechanically separated at coal preparation plants. However, organically bound and elemental Sulfur remain within the coal structure. This Sulfur is released upon combustion and oxidizes into Sulfur Dioxide.

The Clean Air Act Amendments of 1990 introduced new scrubbing technology used by many coal-fired utilities to remove Sulfur Dioxide from their emissions in effort to reduce acid rain. These scrubbers produce high quality and very pure Flue Gas Desulfurization Gypsum—a process that removes Sulfur Dioxide gas that creates Gypsum. This is done through a wet process that first forms Calcium Sulfite Hemihydrate, which is then oxidized into Gypsum or Calcium Sulfate Dihydrate and dewatered.

However, after correcting the environmental problem in acid rain, there has been a decrease in the amount of available atmospheric deposits of Sulfur on agricultural land.

See below to get a sense of the numbers of Sulfur deficiencies in the field that have been occurring more often in the past 15-20 years.

SUL4R-PLUS™ takes the Gypsum produced and transforms it into a pelletized product with superior handling characteristics and exceptional crop performance.  SUL4R-PLUS™ fertilizer products sustainably re-establish the connection of plant available Calcium and Sulfur between Coal and Agriculture.

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B+Z Fertilizer Testimonial

A Testimonial from Ralph E. Hart from Ag Consulting and Research

SUL4R-PLUS™ B+Z Fertilizer delivers a potent micronutrient package of Boron, Zinc, Calcium and Sulfur. This fertilizer provides immediate nutrition to all crops, assisting with an increase in yields.

We provided a sample of SUL4R-PLUS™ B+Z Fertilizer to Crop Doctor, Ralph E. Hart from Ag Consulting and Research to run an experiment with the fertilizer. Here were his findings:

“I had a sample bottle of S+BZ, and I decided I would try a little experiment.  I spread out 30B+Z Fertilizer

granules per square foot under 6 cabbage plants to represent approximately 100#/acre rate of S+BZ. The other six plants had no S +BZ but all had equivalent of 20-80-80 per acre rate.

These were set out on April 22th. I am very amazed at what I am seeing.”

We are very happy to say that the nutrients can be evenly delivered on every square foot of every acre and spread patterns of 90-120. The results – uniform feeding, efficient application, higher yields and better crop quality.


SUL4R-PLUS™ B+Z fertilizer is now available. Click to read more about SUL4R-PLUS™ B+Z Fertilizer.