SUL4R-PLUS ZINC fertilizer micronutrient package delivers a potent trio of nutrients – zinc, calcium and sulfur – while making nutrition immediately available to hungry crops.

SUL4R-PLUS ZINC fertilizer is an optimized micronutrient package – with fast-working nutritional power to deliver immediate and complete nutrition to crops during the current growing season for macro yields and improved crop quality. Look at the unsurpassed combination of advantages below.


Every particle contains zinc, calcium and sulfur so every plant gets fed with efficient nutrition

Highly dispersible particles provide immediate nutrition to crops. All nutrients are in plant-available form (no waiting), for Right Product, Right Place, Right Rate, Right Time (4Rs)

Significantly more particles per square foot than competitors – resulting in uniform feeding, higher yields and better crop quality

Phosphorous-free, for P-sensitive and P-restricted zones

Provides formulation flexibility, allowing you to provide the correct nutrition for crops without overapplying potassium or phosphorous

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Particle size uniformity minimizes blend segregation for uniform distribution across the field, ensuring plants have better access to nutrients

Wide spread pattern with excellent spread uniformity, allowing for flexibility to spread 90-120 feet

Dust-free handling

Sulfur enhances microbial activity that degrades organic residue in the field

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Download PDF