SUL4R-PLUS®, LLC is conducting multiple field trials throughout our current market area using academia, independent and retailer/grower research resources. 


Initial results include:


Wheat—CPS/Loveland Research conducted a replicated wheat trial in Russellville, Kentucky. The trial represents an increase in yield and test weight by applying 200 pounds per acre at planting of SUL4R-PLUS® Zinc fertilizer. The SUL4R-PLUS® Zinc 100/100 was split applied, in the fall, then in the spring with nitrogen application.

Below charts represents advantages including increasing test weight is the advantage. Test weight in wheat is an important component of crop quality and value. A higher test weight equals a better price per bushel and provides the best quality.


Corn—Stratton Farms conducted a side by side corn field trial with each area harvested equated to .25 acres. The corn was harvested and weighed by Helena Chemical. The trial studied numerous rates of SUL4R-PLUS® fertilizer and SUL4R-PLUS® Zinc fertilizer and a combination of the two products. The trial consisted of 8 rows, with 6 rows being irrigated, two rows non-irrigated. The six rows were each treated with different rates, no check was done with the irrigated section. The two non-irrigated rows included a check. 

The chart below represents the promise of incorporating SUL4R-PLUS® Zinc fertilizer at the 200 pound rate into the Stratton Farms corn nutrient program. SUL4R-PLUS® fertilizer and SUL4R-PLUS® Zinc fertilizer helped the plants get off to a great start.


Potatoes—Ag Res Wisconsin conducted a potato trial evaluating the advantages of applying SUL4R-PLUS® fertilizer products. The following trial evaluated yield and quality, the trial was compared to a standard fertilizer recommendation used in potato production in Wisconsin. 

There were no significant differences noted or observed in terms of visual plant health or uniformity of the plots. Across all four replications studied, the Check had the highest number of size C tubers per acre, the lowest per tuber weight of 6.73 ounces, and the lowest yield as measured in CWT per acre at 295.

Grower Standard plus 100 pounds of SUL4R-PLUS® fertilizer per acre produced an average yield of 317 CWT per acre, and Grower Standard plus 200 pounds of SUL4R-PLUS® fertilizer per acre produced an average yield of 324 CWT per acre. Grower Standards plus 100 pounds of SUL4R-PLUS® Zinc fertilizer per acre produced the highest mean per tuber weight; 7.15 ounces. Please see the below summary of yield as measured by Potato CWT per acre by treatment.


Corn—Grainco FS/Dwight, Illinois conducted a very extensive corn trial in 2016 with the cooperation of BURRUS Seed.  The trial consisted of 60 side by side trial treated with 100 pounds per acre of SUL4R-PLUS® fertilizer against the grower standard. They evaluated 6 different corn hybrids in side by side comparisons.  The only difference in fertility was the addition of 100 LB. /AC of SUL4R-PLUS® fertilizer. This trial was replicated across the field; total number of rows were 60 with 30 comparison made between treated and untreated. The chart below represents an average of all the rows associated with the specific hybrid.  With all hybrids represented, the presence of SUL4R-PLUS® fertilizer demonstrated higher yield potential.