Boost Your Wheat Yields with SUL4R-PLUS® Fertilizer!

Sulfur is as essential as Nitrogen to increase yield and improve grain quality in wheat. Wheat is a Nitrogen loving crop and needs help converting the Nitrogen into proteins that can be utilized to produce quality grain.

In essence, Sulfur, not just Nitrogen, could be a limiting factor when it comes to yield. For example, if we only have enough Sulfur in the soil for 30 bushels of wheat and enough Nitrogen for 100 bushels of wheat, don’t expect more than 30 bushels. According to Liebig’s Law of the Minimum, a plant/crop can only produce as much its most limiting factor will allow. In the example, Sulfur is our limiting factor. To make this calculation easier, if you want 100 bushels per acre of wheat, you need 25 lbs. of Sulfur per acre. Each bushel requires 0.25 lbs. of Sulfur.

What are the other benefits associated with using Sulfur as a part of your nutrient program for wheat production? As mentioned, Sulfur is a limiting factor when it comes to yield and it improves grain quality but it actually does a lot more than this. With all the talk about wheat needing Nitrogen, Sulfur helps with the uptake of Nitrogen in the plant especially with high Nitrogen rates. In addition, adequate Sulfur in the wheat helps with stress during crucial growth stages of production.

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Numerous studies have shown that Sulfur increases yield, improves grain quality, increases Nitrogen uptake and efficiency and improves the overall health of the plant. And Sulfate is the plant food available form of Sulfur found in our SUL4R-PLUS® fertilizer products.

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What Does “Efficient Nutrition” Mean to the Grower and the Dealer?

What does “Efficient Nutrition” mean to the Grower and the Dealer?

The combination of 100% Plant Available Nutrients and Perfect Placement means several important things to the Grower, each resulting in greater return per acre.

The fact that each plant is being supplied with the same nutrient package will result in a more uniform harvest. Typical application rates result in 22-40+ granules of SUL4R-PLUS® on each and every square foot of the 43,560 square feet to the acre ensuring there are no overfed and underfed plants which sometimes leads to toxicity or deficiencies. The uniformity of plant growth means more plants will be at their optimum at harvest time.

The fact that each plant is being fed with 100% Plant Available Nutrients increases the chances for the crop to reach its agronomic potential, whether it’s measure in yield or quality. All these factors directly relate to the value of the crop in dollars per acre.

Efficient Nutrition means balancing the nutrient relationships that coexist in the vibrant growing plant. With a balanced plant nutrient program, Nitrogen, Phosphate, Potassium, Calcium, Sulfate, Boron and Zinc can all interact adequately with effectiveness to ensure optimum plant growth and ultimately optimum yields.

SUL4R-PLUS® ZINC fertilizer, SUL4R-PLUS® BORON fertilizer and SUL4R-PLUS® B+Z fertilizer deliver a potent trio or quartet of nutrients – Zinc and/or Boron, Calcium and Sulfur – while making nutrition immediately available to hungry crops. These optimized micronutrient packages – with fast-working nutritional power – deliver immediate and complete nutrition during the current growing season for optimum yields and improved crop quality.

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