LOUISVILLE, KY (July 8, 2013) – SUL4R-PLUS® product, a new patent-pending pelletized sulfate product unlike any other sulfur-fertilizer product in the agricultural market, is now available in time for Fall crop applications. This new product targets growers, putting them in control of the sulfate application process and making their job easier and faster in virtually any farming environment.

SUL4R-PLUS product’s unique pellet shape makes sulfur application easier, enhances soil quality and improves production of all crops. Because of its uniform pellet size, SUL4R-PLUS product can be applied with other dry inputs, and spreads evenly for superior coverage. Because it is a sulfate, it starts working almost on contact. Other important benefits of SUL4R-PLUS product include:

Charah and LG&E Unveil SUL4R-PLUS® Product Manufacturing Facility

LG&E, Charah and government officials celebrate Earth Day by opening one-of-a-kind beneficial use facility at Mill Creek

New facility expected to recover thousands of tons of gypsum to create agricultural product

(LOUISVILLE, Ky.) — With more than $13 million invested in a public-private partnership to make Louisville the home of a new, one-of-a-kind agricultural product development facility at the Mill Creek Generating Station, LG&E and KU and Charah, Inc., along with state and local officials, reiterated today their commitment to innovative and beneficial use of coal combustion byproducts.